Code of Ethics

All ILMA members are to abide by the following code of ethics in order to maintain a high quality level standard of eyelash extension services associated with our members.The code of Ethics is important to ILMA as our sole purpose is to provide a benchmark for the level of quality seen in the work of eyelash extension technicians around Australia that wish to be associated with ILMA.


Professional integrity: We believe every ILMA member should demonstrate integrity in ethical situations regarding their clients and working with eyelash extensions when associated with our initiative. 

It is the duty of ILMA and its members to assist in developing a reputable lash community and it should be done by treating everyone within the community respectfully. 

All members will provide a safe and hygienic environment for their clients at all times.​

Members will ensure that the clients eyes are always in a clean and healthy state prior to the application of lashes or before refills to assist in the longevity of the clients healthy lashes.

All ILMA members will inform their clients of the required and suitable information which is in their best interests to know prior to getting eyelash extensions and shall do so in an honest and truthful manner.

The prices members will charge should be respective of their experience and in consistency with the demographic of their working location.

ILMA members will provide lash services to the best of their skill and knowledge learned and practised from respective courses which have enabled them to be deemed members of ILMA.

It the responsibility of the member to keep up to date with current lash techniques, skills and legislation pertaining to the business of lash extensions. 

ILMA members will use the best quality products available on the market and will avoid cutting costs by substituting high quality products which will compromise the service.

All ILMA members will obtain Public Liability insurance for the protection of their staff, clients and themselves. 

ILMA members will maintain a high level of professionalism within their businesses and with their clients in all regards and will deal with complaints and bad reviews in a diplomatic respectful manner.

Members will always attempt to achieve the best results when servicing each client and whilst operating a business whilst being a member of ILMA.