ILMA Professional Lash artisan standards



Members of ILMA are to follow these expectations to uphold the level quality and professionalism we  require to develop  and maintain the Eyelash Extension industry as highly reputable. 

As a verified ILMA lash artist, you will only use the highest quality products, and use eyelash extension adhesive - cyanoacrylate.

You will only ever apply lash extensions on a client when they have read and signed their consent and an indemnity form. 

As a qualified ILMA lash technician, you will use eyelash extensions products for the purpose they were intended with care when used around clients eyes.

Lash Extensions are to be removed professionally with a gel or cream remover manufactured for the purpose of removing eyelash extensions.

All products used for lash services within an ILMA member's business

Lash Master Lash Artists are not doctors and will always direct clients to contact the relevant physician or doctor when any irritation or allergic reaction has occurred from or related to the service or products of eyelash extensions. 

Lash Master Lash Artists must never commence or continue to service clients if their eyes have shown any symptom of a contraindiction. Clients must show no symptoms of any contraindication before any lash service.

Lashes other than eyelash extensions such as cluster lashes will not be applied and represented as eyelash extensions.

If a client has a known history of allergic reactions to having eyelash extensions, then the lash artist MUST NOT agree to service the client, even if at the client's wishes. 

Professional lash artists always keep their treatment area clinically clean for the safety of their clients, their staff and themselves.

Professional lash artists do not allow young children in their treatment facility. 

Lash tools and reusables are to always be disinfected. This includes treatment area between each client. This is to be done between each client. 

All disposable products such as mascara wands and lip applicators used to prime lashes, and lash pads, are to be disposed of after each individual client. 

Lash Artists associated with ILMA are to follow their local council regulations pertaining to the lash services they provide. They must obey the laws of their state and country. 

ILMA lash artists are not permitted to fill any other lash artists work as this will compromise our standards and prevent the ability from being able to se if the client has any contraindications  under the existing lashes.  This does not include an alternate employee within the same business the client has a client history recorded with from previous appointments.

ILMA Lash artists will not discuss their clients with anyone else within their businesses or other clients. They respect their clients privacy.

ILMA Lash Artists will present themselves in a professional manner and represent themselves, as a part of our industry and ALMA as a reputable place to receive lash services. 

ILMA Lash Artists must have the proper indemnity insurances to protect themselves, staff, their businesses and clients.