Recognition of Prior Learning is an avenue which enables those with knowledge and skills within eyelash extension application be recognised in the eyes of Nationally Competency Standards to obtain national Accreditation.

Applicants are required to provide a portfolio of work and complete written assessment in which demonstrates their previously obtained skills within eyelash extension application.

Obtaining this evidence will allow assessors to determine whether you are competent in the VET unit SHBBMUPP001- Apply Eyelash Extensions which is essentially a classic eyelash extension course. Any gaps within your current skills and knowledge will also be identified to those within the unit so that a plan to correct these gaps may be established.

In preparation for such assessment, we ask you to:

1. Document and be prepared to discuss job roles and work history within the field.

2. Description of your position and performance appraisals from anyone who can vouch for your skills

3. Any contacts who can vouch that you have been previously trained within a private course or are within a workplace who supports you in gaining this accreditation.

4. Evidence to confirm your skill level from the last 18 months. 

5. Any certificates from in-house training or formal training you have completed within the past in relation to application of eyelash extensions

6. Any records of development sessions, client appraisals.

Areas which will be assessed and matched to will be from the unit SHBBMUPP001 - Apply Eyelash Extensions :

1. Elements

2. Performance Criteria

3.Performance Evidence

4. Knowledge evidence

5. Assessment requirements


- Statement of Attainment in a similar Unit

- Samples of work

- Videos

- Photos

- Resume with contactable references

- Awards

- Employment History

- This is a non exclusive list of items. 

The evidence provided will need to be current, authentic, valid and sufficient - authenticated by the assessor.

You will be asked if you have relevant experience and to provide evidence  in the following areas within the last 2 years:

- Establish Service Requirements

- Remove damaged, sparse, or grown out eyelash extensions

- Apply Eyelash Extensions

- Provide post Service Advice

- Clean Treatment work area

This is a brief run down of what you can expect from this assessment process and will be sent forms to complete pertaining to the collection of evidence prior to submission to the assessor along with your portfolio of evidence.


Process time: 3-4 weeks

Please email us if you are interested in completing RPL.

RTO: 32577