In person ilm educator course

We are super excited to introduce in person educator courses across Australia and New Zealand in addition to our online educator course which is available internationally. 

We are offering an in person educator course to work closely with our students which is comprehensive in many aspects including course development, business prospects and much more.

We are moving towards creating an inclusive lash network, strengthening relationships with our students to mentor and assist their growth as lash educators ensuring they obtain as much support and guidance in growing their business.

We are based in Melbourne however we will plan dates across the country.

The following requirements need to be met before enrolment:

- Certification in both Classic and handmade Volume lash application by reputable lash trainers.( You may create a pre-made course however you personally need to have completed hand made volume course)

- Minimum 18 month lash experience with substantial client base 

- Professional and Indemnity Insurance

- Business registration Certificates

- Portfolio of evidence of lash application in both classic and volume application

- Professional Reference Letter from a lash mentor, trainer or colleague within the lash industry.

Courses will consist of small groups and dates will vary.

If you have any questions, please contact us at