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The International Lash Masters Association's focus is to bring about awareness into the eyelash extension industry promoting initiatives to ensure the highest of standards around the world. We believe in recognising and promoting those businesses who consistently engage in delivering services at an elite level. I.L.M.A was created to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues amongst the industry, accrediting those whom have been given our seal of approval as a qualified and competent Lash Artist. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the Eyelash Extension Industry throughout the world. 

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Here at the International Lash Masters Association, we are driven by a single goal; ensuring clients and experienced lash artists are protected from engaging with unprofessional conduct within the lash industry. Our decision making process is informed by the most experienced in the industry who not only meet, but exceed the benchmark of quality when it comes to providing the service of eyelash extensions. We strive to incorporate regulations to prevent those whom aren't properly trained from servicing clients under the pretence that they are.

We believe clients have a right to know about certain standards of care, technique and service and should expect the utmost quality at every appointment they attend. 

The International Lash Masters Association has been set up and will grow to not only provide advice to clients seeking help with choosing the right lash technician, but to provide a database of approved members who always deliver impeccable service. We want clients to be confident when choosing an eyelash extension technician and believe I.L.M.A will assist in them to do so. 

I.L.M.A is also a platform that allows clients to leave reviews and votes for our members  assisting them to achieve our finest of accolades being the first ever nationally recognised association offering awards for outstanding service. 

We look forward to seeing how far I.L.M.A can grow.

To be apart of the revolution in the lash extension industry, please sign up to our  mailing list for news and updates on our progress.


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